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Monitor & check index status of your hard-earned backlinks

Monitor your backlinks with us, we will inform you if they go missing or not indexed

Monitor Your Links.

Get Notified

Take Action.

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Backlinks Monitoring


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Monitor your backlinks

We check if ‘link_from’ contains the ‘link_to’ your website, along with rel tag & anchor text.

Check index status of your backlink

We check if the ‘link_from’ URLs got indexed in Google or not.

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Regular updates

Schedule weekly or monthly updates to monitor your backlinks. We send a backlink report after each crawl.

Subscribers to email notification

Add subscribers to your lists. We inform them through email if any of their backlinks goes missing.

Public lists for agencies

Make your list public & share its link with your clients, so they can view it without logging in.


Your backlink status and info is secured and shared only with the people with access to the list. We don't index it anywhere so you don't have to worry about competitors getting access to your list.

Link Monitoring Logs

Backlink Monitor keeps everything labeled & transparent. You can see every link's current status & older logs.


Secured Cloud

Nothing to download. Nothing complicated to do. You upload the list of URLs you want to monitor & we send regular email updates.

How We Can Help You?

You built a backlink and sent it to your clients. At the time of payment, the client comes back saying that there is no link, the link seems to be removed!

Do you really want to live through this again?

Trusted by 1100+ Users
450k+ links monitored every month

Why choose us?

The simple tool you deserve

Dedicated SEO tools like Ahrefs & SEMrush give a meta picture of the links lost & gained. You have to sift through the backlinks to make sure that the “ones” you paid for aren’t removed. It’s a waste of exercise that should be automated. Our backlink monitor assures you.

Upload links & forget

You just have to upload your backlinks - link_from, link_to, rel_tag & anchor. Upload it 5 at a time or in bulk with a CSV. We take care of the rest.

Never lose a backlink

Use a backlink monitor that keeps checking your backlinks & ensures they are not removed. Whenever you create a backlink, add it to Backlink Monitor to get notified if it is removed or edited and take necessary action proactively.

Build Trust with your client

Show the backlinks you created to current & prospective clients with a simple shareable URL. Subscribe teammates to lists to be in the know.

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