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SendyBOOST Pricing Plans

Sendy Installer by SendyBOOST

Imagine the MailChimp features you would use & you got 99% discount on your invoice.

That’s what Sendy is !

Sendy Installer



Install Sendy in 5 mins on your AWS: Free hosting, 62k mails

Launch a new free-tier EC2 burstable servers.

Burstable server increase performance when you send mails.

Install Sendy pre-requisites - PHP, Nginx , MySQL.

Install Sendy on that server.

Add multiple installations on the same server to resell.

Lifetime support to help you get the most out of Sendy.

Sendy is powerful for sending emails, you will struggle with installing, hosting & deliverability.

Sendy Installer by SendyBOOST makes it a breeze for you

The installer does these things:

  • Launch a free-tier EC2 burstable server, which gives higher performance in bulk sending

  • Install Sendy pre-requisites - PHP, Nginx , MySQL & Cron

  • Install & configure Sendy with SSL

  • Add multiple installations to resell as an agency

  • Lifetime support to help you get the most out of Sendy

  • Use Amazon SES to send 62,000 free emails per month, $0.1 per 1000 emails thereafter

  • Free email templates

SendyBOOST Extras

  • Get out of Amazon SES sandbox mode

  • Improve email deliverability with a comprehensive checklist

  • Manage lists & send transactional emails

Sendy reduces cost & increases deliverability by

  • Using your SMTP - Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mailgun, Elastic Email, Gmail, Zoho or other SMTP

  • Custom domain

  • Proper subscriber management

  • Email marketing automation with autoresponders or APIs

..along with quintessential features

  • Email personalization

  • HTML emails

  • Send promotional & transactional emails

  • Get real-time analytics

  • Custom Fields & List Segmentation

  • Integrate with your favorite tools

  • Add sub-brands under your account

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