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How to setup "From Email" Id and Domain for better Deliverability

Here are the list of Do’s & Don’ts to take care of when deciding your ‘from’ email id & its domain/sub-domain.

Email services perceive track reputation primarily at SUB-DOMAIN level. So if the reputation of declines, you do not face any deliverability challenges on Therefore, you can following these guidelines -

  1. For transactional emails - Create a separate sub-domain only for your transactional mails.

  2. For marketing emails -

    1. If your root domain has good open rates, and maintains bounce & spam rates within limits, you can continue using the sub-domains on your root.

    2. If in the rare case your root domain reputation has suffered, you can use this workaround. Create ANOTHER root domain, with same name but different "tld". And use the subdomains of the new root for your mailing needs. Example - if is your root domain with questionable reputation, use a sub-domain on Also don’t forget to point to

  3. As a rule, never keep transactional email sub-domain same as marketing email sub-domain.

  4. As for cold emails - Never keep the same root domain.

  1. If you want to increase your chances of landing in Gmail Primary Inbox,

    1. It is advised not to use marketing related name & sender ID, like or Better to put it in the name of someone in the team, like

    2. Same goes for the name as well. Obviously, keep your sender name same as your email ID. Example - Put John as name if the from email ID is

  2. Custom domains significantly help in increasing your delivery & open rate. Thus, use the one in which you can setup a custom domain. That means if you are already using for hosting your blog, you shouldn’t be using this as a "from domain", since you can’t setup a custom domain on it.

  3. This goes without saying, but never use generic GMail, Yahoo or Outlook email ID

Complying with regulations

You're required to include your contact information, including a physical mailing address, inside every promotional email you send in order to comply with anti-spam laws such as can-spam and CASL

Pro-tip: The 'From name' cannot contain 'commas' and 'periods'.

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