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Custom Fields

A subscriber could be a probable customer, who may have many attributes based on the type of your audience. Custom fields help achieve this.

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Before jumping on the usage of custom fields, let's see the types of custom fields available. 


For parameters like signup_date, order_date, plan_start_date, plan_cancellation_date. This data type is used in marketing automation or list segmentation, though can also be used for personalization if required.


For all other types of values. like plan_trial_status, course_taken, classes covered etc. This data type is used for email personalization & creating segments, can’t be used for marketing automation.

Before jumping on the usage of custom fields, let's see the types of custom fields available. 

List Segmentation

Divide a list in different segments based on custom fields with multiple conditions & group them using 'AND' - 'OR'.

Use these segments to include or exclude them in an email campaign or auto-responder.

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Every custom field has a tag attached to it. Use that tag in your email subject line or body. For example the personalization tag for Field Name is [Name,fallback=]

Marketing Automation (Auto-responders)

You can use custom-field of ‘date’ type to trigger 'Send annually' and 'Send on date’

  • Sendy annually - Create emails that automatically sends every year to subscribers, eg. anniversaries or birthdays. Sends mail every year on that date.

  • Send on date - Create one off emails that sends automatically on a specific date. eg. one off reminders. Sends emails only once.


Pro Tip - Active Subscribers

One of the automatically created segments is ‘Active Susbcribers’ which consists of subscribers who have earlier opened or clicked your previous campaigns. This segment generally has higher engagement rates & can increase revenue by upto 25%.

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