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Advanced & Secure Hosting

SendyBOOST cloud hosting deploys advanced technology servers for your Email Marketing needs.

We manage servers with 3 principles - Security, High Availability, Performance on demand.

We work on a Scalable Architecture which increases performance as required without any downtime.

For SendyBOOST Sendy Installer, we help you get setup for your own server with all these features.

advanced hosting high reliability.jpg

High Availability & Reliable Servers

We use industry-vetted servers which are optimized for email sending and can transfer huge amounts of email data in a short time. These high availability servers with 99% uptime ensure that your crons deliver on time & campaigns meet your desired sending rate.

BOOSTable Servers

Every professional email marketer optimizes their campaigns by sending emails when it is most likely to be opened. So you need peak performance when you send mails & a nominal performance otherwise when the crons are running, which is why we deploy BOOSTable servers, which automatically increase their performance as they see a surge in computing requirements, like your i5 CPU does, 3Ghz base performance with 4.2Ghz peak performance.

BOOSTable Servers.jpg

Auto-Scaling Technology

If BOOSTable servers do not fulfill your email sending rate, our servers Auto-Scale will do the job! This means our servers can programmatically upgrade in an instant, with negligible downtime.

Encrypted & Secure Hosting

At SendyBOOST, we take security more seriously than the Ex-who-cheated. All the SMTP credentials & any personal information is stored in an encrypted format which are only accessed at the time of sending campaigns.

secure hosting.jpg

SSL certificates

To ensure high email deliverability, email marketing professionals always use custom domains. To ensure that the campaigns have white labelled links. But links without ‘https’ are even worse. Thus we provide SSL certificates for our custom domains.

Automated Upgrades & Backups

“Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.” And the worst, in the digital age, is losing your data - your subscribers & your campaign performance. Thus we always keep backups placed on diverse storage. For everything worse that can happen on your front or ours, we’re prepared. This is applicable for SendyBOOST cloud hosting. For self-hosting, you will need ot take care of backups.

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